Move Telecom

Move Telecom is an MVNE operator company and an MVNA operator. These types of companies provide services to MVNO operators. What are MVNOs? These are telecommunications entities that do not have their own infrastructure. MVNOs in Poland are e.g. Mobile Vikings MVNO, Lycamobile MVNO, and abroad e.g. Truphone MVNO or even Google MVNO. MVNO operators in Poland operate, for example, on the infrastructure of MVNO Plus, MVNO Play, MVNO Orange, or use MVNE companies such as Move Telecom. The advantage of MVNE companies is the ability to use the infrastructure of several MNOs (infrastructure operators) and make it available to MVNO GSM operating on the MVNE platform. Thus, a new MVNO operator has the choice of joining a large telecom (usually also using its software and prepared offer), or with MVNE/MVNA and the platform of such a company. A comparison of MVNOs operating on various platforms in many countries shows that MVNO virtual operators operating on the MVNE platform are characterized by greater flexibility of the offer and operational security. MVNO mobile telephony is developing intensively, and new companies on the MVNO Poland market are often built for subsequent sale. This type of MVNO dominates in the country, although in the rest of Europe the operating model is different. This is due to the fact that MVNE operators operating in these markets have provided safer conditions to smaller entities for years. Thanks to Move Telecom, Polish MVNOs also get the opportunity to operate in the long term.

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